Business models

As customer satisfaction is our first concern, we constantly adjust our business to ever changing conditions and customer’s expectations. That is why over the years we have created a couple of business models that should add value to almost any customer.

We continue to work with wholesalers who buy products in large quantities and stock the products (or we stock products at our depot for some of them), we have regional agents who represent us in the field and take orders in our name, we very often do dropshipping - our customers get orders while we ship to final consumers directly. Finally we do bespoke projects to client’s specifications. That happens usually in case of larger constructions and innovative items.

Details on business models

We deliver the product directly from the factory to end consumer’s doorstep while our business customers take orders and take payment prior to delivery. Minimalised delivery time and no logistic problems for distributors. In case of gazebos or pavillions we also do assembly as an option.


Jagram manufactures and delivers large quantities of goods to depots of our business customers who distribute goods from their premises.


Our regional agents communicate with a number of customers in their geographical area writing orders and responding to their needs while Jagram sends goods (usually mixed loads to several customers on one truck).

Sales agents

Jagram manufactures to client’s specification (or helps to co-design) and delivers on site a product or larger timber structure like a timber built canopy or complete skate park construction.


Jagram supplies larger quantities of standard products for customer’s stock and simultaneously larger individual items directly to final clients of our customer according to current orders.

mixed models